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Invisalign represents a groundbreaking advancement in cosmetic orthodontics. Instead of the discomfort and self-consciousness associated with traditional metal braces, which are visibly attached to the teeth, patients can now experience absolute comfort and confidence with transparent braces.

This innovative approach not only ensures ease of use but also maintains a high level of aesthetic appeal, achieving desired results without compromising the cosmetic aspect of orthodontic treatment.

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Before and After Images of Invisible Braces

Image beforeand after invisalign braces
Image beforeand after invisalign braces
invisalign braces
Image before and after invisalign braces
Image beforeand after invisalign braces
Image before and after invisalign braces

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic method that eliminates the need for brackets, wires, and rubber bands to shift teeth. Instead, it utilizes a set of custom-made, transparent aligners designed and produced using 3D technology to gently align the teeth.

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Invisible braces, specifically Invisalign, can be applied to a variety of orthodontic cases, including:

  • Crooked or spaced teeth
  • Overbite, underbite, crossbite, misaligned teeth, or overcrowding

Invisalign is suitable for both children and adults, particularly those who prioritize aesthetics, engage in frequent communication, or have busy schedules that limit regular dental visits.

How Do Invisible Braces (Invisalign) Work?

The Invisalign system consists of a series of clear aligners tailored to each individual based on their specific dental structure. These aligners are sequentially worn at different stages throughout the orthodontic treatment process.

Patients typically wear a total of 20-40 Invisalign aligners, depending on the severity of their dental misalignment. Each aligner is numbered from 1 to the last one, and they are usually worn for about 22 hours per day. The duration of wearing each aligner is approximately two weeks, facilitating a tooth movement of around 0.25mm.

Crafting transparent trays with a personalized touch for customers
Invisalign trays

Invisalign aligners are designed for easy removal and insertion, providing comfort and convenience to users. With each new set of aligners, the cost and duration of treatment are minimized.

Advantages of Invisalign

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign offers four outstanding advantages:

  • High Aesthetic Appeal: Invisalign is made from transparent material, making it less noticeable than traditional braces.
  • Predictable Results: The ClinCheck software allows patients to preview the expected outcome of their treatment.
  • High Efficiency: Users can control the pace of their teeth adjustment, with each new set designed to move closer to the desired position.
  • High Safety: Invisalign aligners are made from FDA-approved biocompatible materials.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Customizable, removable, and easy to maintain.
  • Fewer Dental Visits: Invisalign typically requires less than two years of treatment, reducing the number of dental visits compared to traditional braces (1-3 years with monthly check-ups).

Invisible Braces Treatment Process

  • Consultation, X-rays, and guidance from an orthodontic specialist.
  • 3D digital tooth scanning.
  • Treatment plan review and visualization of results using ClinCheck.
  • Production of personalized aligners.
  • Receiving aligners after 3-4 weeks and wearing them, with regular check-ups every 4-6 weeks.
  • Wearing retainers to maintain results after treatment.

Top 5 Tips for Using Invisible Braces Effectively

  • Wear Invisalign for the recommended duration each day to achieve optimal results.
  • Practice regular aligner hygiene to avoid odor and bacteria buildup.
  • Inspect aligners before wearing to ensure they are not damaged.
  • Avoid eating hard and sugary foods while wearing aligners, as they can damage them.
  • Attend scheduled dental appointments to monitor your teeth adjustment progress.

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

The cost of invisible braces is generally higher than traditional braces. Depending on the severity of dental misalignment, treatment facility, and dentist fees, the price of Invisalign varies. In Vietnam, the cost of Invisalign typically ranges from 45 million to 130 million VND.

The number of aligners needed will vary based on the patient’s dental condition. For instance, mild misalignments may be addressed with around 20 aligners, while more complex cases may require more. On average, Invisalign users may need 20 or more aligners, resulting in a cost ranging from 3000 USD. Additionally, many dental clinics offer specific packages, such as Invisalign Express, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Moderate, and Invisalign Comprehensive.

Where to Get Invisible Braces in Ho Chi Minh City?

Saigon Center Dental Clinic is a premium Invisalign dental center in Ho Chi Minh City. Collaborating directly with the globally renowned Invisalign brand, chosen by over 13 million customers in over 90 countries, the clinic introduces an impressive “Invisalign Comprehensive Package starting from 3,050 USD.

saigon center dental clinic
saigon center dental clinic

Why Choose Saigon Center Dental Clinic?

  • Expert orthodontists with over 15 years of experience, specializing in Invisalign.
  • Transparent pricing, allows patients to fully understand the costs before treatment.
  • Preview of Invisalign treatment results.
  • 24/7 online appointment scheduling for quick connections and immediate answers via Email: or WhatsApp: (+84) 775-720-450.
  • Multilingual staff offering maximum patient support, catering to individual needs and financial capabilities.
  • Convenient location in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City, suitable for expatriates, with easy access within 5-10 minutes.
  • Diverse payment methods: cash, bank transfer, card payments, etc., convenient for international patients visiting Vietnam.
  • Active treatment planning, and flexible methods based on patient needs and schedules.
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Dental braces with Expert orthodontists with over 15 years of experience

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Invisalign is the perfect choice to start the painless, comfortable, and liberating experience of teeth straightening. If you lack confidence in your smile and are uncertain about choosing a reputable dental clinic, contact Saigon Center Dental Clinic. We will assist you in embarking on a safe, effective orthodontic journey to attain a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.