Fix my teeth near me: Clinic address; Hours, contact info

Saigon Center Dental Clinic can fix my teeth near me, operating from Monday to Sunday. Particularly, the clinic operates without a lunch break, providing quick responses to inquiries and appointments with a dentist with 15 years of experience via Email/WhatsApp within minutes of connection.

fix my teeth near me

Fix my teeth near me: Clinic address; Hours, contact info

Treatment or restoration of lost teeth is a common need among patients today. To undergo a quick and effective dental treatment process that ensures comfort, it’s crucial to choose the best dental clinic with skilled dentists and positive patient feedback for treatment.

Moreover, to save time, and transportation costs, and ensure convenience in follow-up visits, as well as emergency support, selecting a dental clinic close to home, the nearest address for fixing my teeth, will provide a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Therefore, within the scope of this article, we will guide readers on how to find the nearest dental clinic address for fixing their teeth. Additionally, we’ll provide information on the top dental clinics with convenient commuting locations for appointments.

Guide to finding and reaching a nearby dental clinic for fixing my teeth

The quickest and best way to find the address of a nearby dental clinic for fixing my teeth is by using the Google Maps app.

  • Step 1. Enter one of the following keywords in the search bar: “fix my teeth near me,” “find a dentist nearby,” “cosmetic dentistry nearby,” and “dental restoration nearby.”
  • Step 2. View the list of dental clinics near you, along with detailed information such as address, phone number, customer reviews, and opening hours.
  • Step 3. Filter search results based on criteria such as service type: teeth fixing, cosmetic dentistry, dental restoration, price range: high, medium, low, customer reviews, etc.
find a dentist near me by google maps

Readers can directly contact the clinic through the messaging section on Google Maps or contact the hotline, email, etc., for consultation and appointment booking. Once you’ve selected a suitable dental clinic, you can view the map for directions to the dental clinic address.

Google Maps will also provide you with the estimated travel time to help you plan your schedule accordingly. Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can travel to the nearest dental clinic by personal vehicle, public transport, or using smart ride-hailing apps.

The nearby dental clinic address has a rating of 4.9/5 stars on Google Maps

Based on all the factors mentioned above, we recommend the best dental clinic address for fixing teeth in Ho Chi Minh City for reference and selection when needed.

Saigon Center Dental Clinic is a specialized center for aesthetic dental treatment and restoration for international patients in Ho Chi Minh City. It is ranked as the top dental clinic by health-related websites and health introductions.

saigon center dental clinic
Saigon Center Dental Clinic

Many patients have praised the quality of service and the expertise of the dentists who graduated from prestigious universities in Brazil, the United States, etc., with over 15 years of specialized treatment experience.

Some successful treatment cases

Here are some successful treatment cases at Saigon Center Dental Clinic

best dental clinic near me
best dental clinic near me
before and after image
before and after image
porcelain veneer before and after image
Fix my teeth near me with a porcelain veneer service
Fix my teeth near me with dental veneer service
Fix my teeth near me with dental veneer service
dental crown before after image
Fix my teeth near me with dental crown service
teeth whitening before and after image
teeth whitening before and after

Saigon Center Dental Clinic is located in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City, an area with many foreigners living. Therefore, it is the nearest address for fixing teeth if you come to Ho Chi Minh City for dental treatment. Google Maps Rating: 4.9/5 stars The nearby dental clinic has received praise and positive feedback from many patients, Saigon Center Dental Clinic, with positive reviews such as:

patient review about saigoncenter dental clinic
The patient’s review of Saigon Center Dental Clinic
patient review about saigoncenter dental clinic
The patient’s review of Saigon Center Dental Clinic

A team of skilled dentists praised by many patients

A team of skilled experts is the core factor that creates the value of Saigon Center Dental Clinic. The dentists graduated from the University of Medicine (the leading medical training institution in Vietnam) with over 15 years of experience. Besides the specialty of Dentistry, dentists such as Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tan, Dr. Kien Thi Bich Tram,… also trained abroad in Implant placement, dental restoration,…

dr nguyen ngoc tan and experts
dr nguyen ngoc tan and experts

Patients choosing Saigon Center Dental Clinic can connect with skilled dentists at the clinic in advance via Email/Whatsapp (+84) 775-720-450. All inquiries will be promptly and comprehensively answered, including treatment plans, expected treatment times, and treatment costs (if sufficient medical information is provided as requested by the dentist).

Strengths in expertise, price list of main services at the dental clinic

The clinic provides comprehensive services for repairing damaged teeth, improving tooth color, and restoring decayed teeth. Therefore, this is the most suitable answer for the search term ‘fix my teeth near me’.

Dental Implant: Single Implant; Full jaw Implant, Zygoma Implant
 Implant Korea Premium (Dentium) 740 620
 Implant Italy (C-tech) 870 750
 Implant America (Superline) 1000 900
 Implant France / Swiss (Kontact/Neodent) 1435 1,000
 Implant Super Active (Nobel/Straumann) 1652 1,400
Titan Crown On Implant 132
Full Zirconia CAD/CAM Crown On Implant 264
Implant ALL ON 4 KOREA 4695 3,500
Implant ALL ON 4 SWISS 5391 4,400
Implant ALL ON 4 NOBEL / STRAUMANN 6086 5,300
Implant ALL ON 6 KOREA 5913 4,800
Implant ALL ON 6 SWISS 6695 5,700
Implant ALL ON 6 NOBEL / STRAUMANN 7521 6,600
Zygomatic Implants – “All on 4”, full arch, fixed bridge 13,000
Aesthetic porcelain teeth: Porcelain veneers; Veneer teeth, Dental Gold; Dental Diamond
 Porcelain fused to Cobalt-Chrome Crown (18 months warranty) 88
 Porcelain fused to Titanium Crown (3 years warranty) 132
 Gold Crown Contact us for Quoting
 Zirconia Porcelain Crown (10 years warranty) 352 176
 Cercon HT Porcelain Crown (12 years warranty) 440 220
 Lava Plus 3M Porcelain Crown (14 years warranty) 528 264
 Narcera Porcelain Crown (18 years warranty) 704 352
 Orodent Porcelain Crown (20 years warranty) 792 396
 Diamond Porcelain Crown (Lifetime warranty) 880 440
 Emax Porcelain Veneer (10 years warranty) 435 308
 Emax Press Porcelain Veneer (15 years warranty) 652 462
 Emax Inlay/Onlay (5 years warranty) 220
Dental Restoration: Repairing broken porcelain teeth, repairing teeth damaged by periodontitis, Treating cavities, Repairing worn-out teeth,…
 Cavity Filling 44 22
 Cosmetic Filling 88 44
 Cosmetic Front Tooth Filling 88 44
 Teeth Gap Filling 88 44
 Cervical Filling 44 22
 Front Root Canal (R1,2,3) 108 88
 Premolar Root Canal (R4,5) 130 110
 Molar Root Canal (R6,7) 173 132
Teeth whitening at the dental chair
 Clinical On-site 265 132
 DIY Home Kit 132 66
 Whitening Dental Tray 44 22
 Whitening Agent Tube 44 31
Invisalign orthodontic braces technology
 Transparent Braces Invisalign Depending on the level 3,050 – 4,600

Answers to some frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to repair a tooth at the dentist?

The cost of tooth repair depends on the treatment service prescribed by the dentist or requested by the patient. The usual tooth repair costs for general services such as filling cavities, and root canal treatment,… range from 22 USD – 150 USD. For specialized tooth repair costs such as Implants, the cost is around 620 USD.

How can I fix my teeth on a budget?

The best way to save on dental treatment is to choose a dental clinic near your home by searching for keywords like “nearest dental clinic for fixing my teeth.” Along with that, choose a place with a treatment plan suitable for your financial ability, with comprehensive service prices for customers.

Does fixing teeth take a lot of time?

With modern dental technology, dental treatment and repair are planned and completed quickly. Patients only need 1 – 3 appointments with the dentist to complete the treatment.