Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam: Best Dental Clinic, Costs, and Appointment Booking

Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam can arise at any time. For international travelers visiting Vietnam, finding a reputable dental clinic for immediate treatment isn’t always straightforward. Therefore, let’s explore the procedures, costs, and addresses of the best professional emergency dental care for international patients.

Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam

I. Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are unexpected and require prompt intervention by a dentist. These situations often include severe toothaches, sleep-disrupting tooth pain, broken or fractured teeth, dislodged implants, porcelain veneer detachment, and severe and uncontrollable tooth bleeding, among others.

Timely handling of these emergencies not only helps alleviate pain and discomfort but also prevents complications like infections, tooth decay, and permanent tooth loss, and ensures future chewing function and aesthetics.

II. Best Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam

In the event of an Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam, patients can promptly reach out to the Saigon Center Dental Clinic for immediate care and treatment.

This clinic specializes in dental implantation, restorative treatments, and cosmetic dentistry, holding licenses to operate. With over 15 years of experience, it has treated international patients from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

1. Methods of Emergency Dental Treatment at Saigon Center Dental Clinic

Proudly known for its reputable dental services, Saigon Center Dental Clinic offers comprehensive and effective care solutions for emergency dental cases or finding Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam.

Broken or Loose Implants:

  • Evaluation of implant stability and surrounding tissue via X-rays.
  • Surgical removal of broken implants, ensuring infection prevention, followed by the placement of new implants once the jawbone adequately heals.
Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam
dental implant
Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam
In handling exposed porcelain bridge teeth, lost teeth

Broken, Cracked, or Dislodged Porcelain Veneers:

  • Oral hygiene maintenance and replacement or reattachment of veneers as necessary.
  • Adjustment of veneers and bite alignment for proper fitting.
Removing old porcelain and replacing it with new porcelain
Removing old porcelain and replacing it with new porcelain

Permanent Tooth Breakage:

Cleaning and blood control before treatment, such as aesthetic filling, porcelain crowns, or dental implants for major fractures.

 Emergency Dentistry
Restoration of a broken cuspid tooth

2. Treatment Procedure for Dental Emergencies at Saigon Center Dental Clinic

The clinic offers professional and efficient care for dental emergency patients. Here are the crucial steps they adhere to ensure immediate and effective care:

Reception and Prioritization: Dental staff will receive and prioritize emergency cases based on severity.

Immediate Treatment: Immediate pain relief solutions before examination and treatment procedures.

dr nguyen ngoc tan
Dentist handling emergency dental situations

Examination and Diagnosis: Dentists conduct X-rays and thorough examinations to assess patients’ conditions.

Treatment Planning: Customized treatment plans, including tooth extraction, restorative procedures, or necessary oral surgeries, are devised to address emergencies.

Post-Treatment Care: Patients are guided on post-treatment care and scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor recovery progress.

3. Costs of Emergency Dental Services at Saigon Center Dental Clinic

Costs for emergency dental services vary depending on the nature of the emergency and the specific treatment services required. Here are some price ranges for reference.


 Cavity Filling 44 22
 Cosmetic Filling 88 44
 Cosmetic Front Tooth Filling 88 44
 Teeth Gap Filling 88 44
 Cervical Filling 44 22


 Porcelain fused to Cobalt-Chrome Crown (18 months warranty) 88
 Porcelain fused to Titanium Crown (3 years warranty) 132
 Gold Crown Contact us for Quoting
 Zirconia Porcelain Crown (10 years warranty) 300 176
 Cercon HT Porcelain Crown (12 years warranty) 400 220
 Lava Plus 3M Porcelain Crown (14 years warranty) 500 264
 Narcera Porcelain Crown (18 years warranty) 704 352
 Orodent Porcelain Crown (20 years warranty) 792 396
 Diamond Porcelain Crown (Lifetime warranty) 880 440
 Emax Porcelain Veneer (10 years warranty) 450 308
 Emax Press Porcelain Veneer (15 years warranty) 652 462
 Emax Inlay/Onlay (5 years warranty) 220

Single Implant



 Implant Korea Premium (Dentium) 1000 620
 Implant Italy (C-tech) 1100 750
 Implant America (Superline) 1200 900
 Implant France / Swiss (Kontact/Neodent) 1500 1,000
 Implant Super Active (Nobel/Straumann) 1800 1,400

4. Advantages of Saigon Center Dental Clinic

The clinic swiftly responds to all emergency situations while ensuring top-notch service quality, thanks to its remarkable advantages:

  • Over 15 years of expertise in Maxillofacial Dentistry
  • English-proficient doctors
  • Employment of minimally invasive dental techniques
  • Employment of modern dental equipment imported from Europe and South Korea
  • Offering a wide range of services: Oral disease treatment, Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Long-term warranty policy
  • Competitive pricing for international patients
  • Adherence to Vietnamese Ministry of Health safety standards
  • Luxurious, modern, and convenient treatment facilities.

5. Patient Feedback

review of patient
review of patient

6. Contact Information

For any dental emergencies, prompt and correct handling is crucial. Reach out to the leading emergency dental clinic in Vietnam, Saigon Center Dental Clinic, for appointments and necessary treatments.

Emergency Dentistry in Saigon, Vietnam may instill worry, but finding the right reputable clinic with skilled dentists ensures health safety. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us at Phone: (+84) 775-720-450 for detailed consultations.